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Every Door Direct Mail Co‑op Print Ads

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Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) from the USPS reaches every door within a ZIP code. It is the least expensive way to send direct mail. We take the EDDM savings further by using a standard text and image ad design as well as featuring several merchants on one co-op mail piece.


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We make your ads


Words ads are powerful if they are simple and easy to read. You don't need busy people to be enamored by your ad. You need them to read it quickly and buy what you offer!


Your word ad can be a business listing, a product promotion, a special offer, or a custom coupon.


Ads are easy to read because the text size is consistent. This limits the number of lines and characters per ad.


Each ad must include your business name plus at least one of these: address, phone, website, or email.


Our standard ad spot on a co-op mail piece costs less than 1 cent per door in quantity. Move up to a larger size ad or enhance any ad with your business colors and logo for more visibility. We mail our colorful co-op EDDM mailers to ZIP codes around you. Purchase an ad spot on a mailer going to every door in a single ZIP code, or a group of ZIP codes we call a "ZIP zone", or a very large number of doors in a large region around you. Save big by advertising to more doors. Read the details below about purchasing ads. Call us at 817-717-6262 to buy ads or for expert help writing your ad or to schedule an on-site visit with one of our ad specialists.

least expensive ads
Standard ad size is 1 column-inch with three lines of text:
1) business name
2) ad line of up to 45 characters
3) contact line

These standard word ads are extremely economical. Use them to get a higher ROI by advertising multiple times to every door in several ZIP codes in your market area.


free highlight colors
Larger ads are available in 2, 3, 4, and 5 vertical column-inch sizes plus 2, 4, 6, and 8 horizontal column-inch sizes. We also have half-page and full-page ads available at great discount prices. All larger ads come with a free highlight color. Highlight colors are bright yellow, hot pink, and white (your choice).

dependent on availability
On each 8.5 x 11 inch EDDM co-op mailer there are 37 standard 1 column inch ad spots and 4 'stripe' ad spots (the black stripes with white text that span the middle and bottom of each side). Larger ads replace two or more of the standard 1 column inch ad spots. Prices of the standard 1 column inch ad spots vary according to the number of doors in the specific ZIP code(s) you choose. Prices of the larger ad spots are based on the prices of the standard size ads spots they replace. Click here to enlarge page showing ad sizes.

logo and business colors
Get brand recognition by adding your logo and business colors to your ad. You can design your ad to our size specifications and content standards and send us the image in an acceptable format. Or send us your logo in an acceptable format and give us your business color CMYK numbers and we can design the ad for you. There is a setup charge for this service. Call us for details.

target a specific area
Advertise to every door in one or more individual ZIP code(s) right around your business or where you want to reach new customers. We offer two levels of pricing on individual ZIP code ads. The lower price is an incentive price for merchants who are willing to buy an ad for one or more ZIP code(s) for which the print date for the mailer(s) isn't set yet. The ad will be printed within 3 months. Once we reach a tipping point in sales on each particular ZIP code mailer and have set a print date, we charge a higher price because there is a definite print date. You can choose based on your budget or your schedule.

save on every door in a larger area
A ZIP zone is a preset group of ZIP codes covering a local market area. Advertising to an entire ZIP zone gives you great cost savings in a relatively targeted zone. ZIP zone ads are published ZIP code by ZIP code and reach every door in the ZIP zone within three months of the ad order date.

be flexible and save big
When we go to press with a mailer we often have unsold ad spots. We fill those spots with filler ads. Purchase filler ads and save big. Filler ads are available in multiples of 100,000 doors (see actual quantities and prices available in your greater ZIP area). Filler ads have a twelve month time frame for publication and in large quantity cost less than a penny per door! Questions? Call us at 817‑717‑6262.

payment details
Buy a ZIP Code Ad - Pay 100% up front or pay 30% (both non-refundable) at time of purchase and 70% on print date. Cancel at any time prior to publication of the mailer and owe nothing further.

Buy a ZIP Zone Ad - Pay 100% up front or pay 30% (both non-refundable) at time of purchase and 70% of per door rate for each ZIP code mailer on print date. Cancel all future mailers at any time prior to publication of the mailer and owe nothing further.

Buy a Filler Ad - Pay 100% up front or pay 30% down and the balance at 10% interest in 11 equal payments. Non-refundable and noncancelable.

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